Resin Patios

What Is A Resin Patio?

A resin bound patio floor is a flooring system that uses a mixture of aggregates and rubber to create a space for patios for residential or commercial buildings.

In the UK, patios are usually paved. However, this means that they can only ever be used after a lot of cleaning and exposure to sunlight for several hours. Before enjoying some relaxation or recreation, you will need to take care of the space and keep it weeded.

Resin patios have been gaining popularity due to their smooth and long-lasting surface, permeability and durability. They look great, are easy to maintain, and can be used as a stylish alternative to block paving or gravel.

You have the freedom to create your own resin patio in any colour, design or texture you like. The permeability of resin patios makes it resistant to flooding and allows for rainwater to pass through.

Due to their UV resistance, they won’t fade nor change colour and will withstand any sunlight.

Benefits of Using the Resin Patios

Resin bound patios last for a very long time and are extremely durable. It is durable and can last up to 20 years.

Accessibility: These ramps are easy to use by wheelchairs, scooters/buggies, pushchairs, bikes, and other mobility devices.

Smoothness: All resin patios are hand-finished, giving them a smooth and flat finish. It ensures there are no chips or stones, and it is safer to walk on than in wet and cold conditions.

Resin patios are non-fading: They are UV stable and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Very little maintenance: Only a few annual cleanings are required to maintain this flooring system. The flooring can withstand high pressure washing and can be easily cleaned with a hard brush to keep its perfect finish.

Preventing the growth and spread of weeds.

Permeability: Because of its porous surface, water can drain away and flow freely through the patio’s resin surface. This is an important requirement under the SUDS regulations.

Resin bound patios can be made adaptable to suit any design. These include logos, letterings as well as patterns, motifs or symbols.

Varieties of colours: Resin-bound patios come in a variety colors, both traditional and contemporary.

Quick installation: Resin patios take less time to install than paving or decking. The resin patio can be used within a few days of its installation.

No additional planning permission is required to install a resin bound patio.

Compatibility – Resin patios are compatible with a wide range of surfaces. As long as the surface is flat and solid (tarmac or concrete), they can be used to overlay them.

Stability: Provided that the base is properly prepared before the installation of resin patios, patios will not sink, cave or swell. This ensures that they remain stable for many decades.

Why Choose Resin For Your Patio?

The resin bound patio solutions can be installed in just 24 hours and are covered by a 20-year warranty. We use only the best quality materials to offer you high-quality designs with artistic finishing, all at extremely low prices.

These patios can be made in many styles, colours, textures and designs. Our resin-bound surfaces can be fitted to any shape and size.

Our floors are SUDS compliant, and they are made specifically to protect the client’s safety. You can adapt them to fit existing surfaces like tarmacs or gardens, and they can be laid on top of these. To create an artistic mix, our resin patios can be made to match the color of your outdoor furniture. You can have your logo, crests/patterns, lettersings, symbols, or letterings included in your patio.

We believe in ensuring that every home, office, or building has the perfect outdoor space. Our highly-skilled technicians will help you with everything from the initial consultations to the final design, production, and installation of the resin patio.

Resin Patio Designs

For your outdoor space, there are many resin patio ideas that you can choose from.

You can find a variety of resin patio ideas in a range of colours, textures, styles and sizes.

Resin Patio Cost

Resin bound surfaces offer many advantages that make them an ideal flooring system. It is important to find out how much they cost.

Cost of a resin patio is difficult to estimate as each project is different. The cost of a resin patio is determined by many factors. This is because each job and project from a customer has its own specific specifications that make it difficult to calculate the exact cost of the resin patio. However, the average resin driveway cost is around PS80 per square mile. This is due to factors like the type and size of the aggregate, the area that will be covered and whether there are any existing floors.

Resin Bound Surfaces VS Resin Bonded Surfaces

They should not be confused. A resin bound, with the proper base, will usually be SUDS compliance as opposed to a resin bonded.

A resin bonded layer is a resin that’s spread over a base and then the aggregate is put into it. This layer of resin is not SUDS compatible as it prevents water from passing through.