Resin Pathways

Garden Paths

Garden paths can be difficult to maintain. Pooling causes surfaces to sink, which creates an annoying trip hazard. Soil spilling from flowerbeds also destroys the garden’s shape, and heavy rains cause it to flood. It becomes more difficult to maintain clean borders, so you will have to recreate your garden’s paths on an annually basis.

There’s a good chance that you are reading this because your search for a solution is leading you to this page. Resin garden paths could be your solution. Resin paths offer an eco-friendly alternative to messy and difficult garden footpaths.

Resin makes garden tracks safer to use. Permeable surfaces should be able to make you feel the difference after a heavy rain. There are no puddles.

Resin pathways are non-slip, making them easier to use, and allowing you to stay on track even in the rain.

We can make even the most difficult landscaping designs possible because resin paths are laid manually. Resin paths can work well with any type of landscaping, including steps, elevated areas or u-turns.

Each pebble has been carefully coated in UV-stable epoxy resin, making the surface very durable. This makes it resistant to not only everyday wear and tear but also to the harmful effects of the sun. It will not crack or fade! You can choose a vibrant colour if you want it to last longer.

There are a variety of colours to choose from

If you have a large yard and want to color-code paths leading to different destinations, this is possible.

There is no chance of any loose materials because each stone is bonded to resin.

This provides additional security and reduces the chance of you tripping.

This is a popular choice because the installation is fast, it lasts long, and even though the design is complex, it’s easy to maintain.

Resin pathways are a great choice if you’re ready for compliments from neighbours and friends.


We can help with creating new pathways or replacing existing walkways.

Our resin bound systems give your patio the appearance of loose gravel with a smooth porous surface.

Use our buff aggregate mixtures to create traditional looking paths or give your path a modern look with modern greys. We even offer a coloured aggregate option if you want to add some colour.